Try not to be too aroused with my gorgeous face

Feeling a little blue today?

In need of a quick laugh?

Well, you are in luck! I am here to solve all our woes!

I’m not really. I just wanted to share my new favourite Snapchat filter. I’m not really one to use the ‘pretty’ filters, no, that would be too much like exposing myself. I’m more a fan of the funny filters, the ones I can hide my greasy hair and tired face behind.

So here you go, my gift to you on a cloudy, grey, Monday from Scotland.

(I couldn’t stop laughing at myself)


My brother has grown into his ears now, so don’t worry I’m not being too mean. Plus I’m not the only once to abuse him with this filter.


I really needed to leave work and pick up the fruit of my loins (that phrase gives me the hebbies), I just couldn’t stop laughing.


I’v always thought Gollum and I where separated at birth.

Hope you liked my beautiful pictures, I am very photogenic after all.


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