100!! No, not the amount of times I’ve moaned today. 100 FOLLOWERS :)

Hello, hello, hello plus 97 more hellos! 100 followers?! Well, maybe slightly over 100 now, I’m a little tardy to the thank you party.

Thank you so much to everyone that follows, likes, comments and snoops around my blog. I didn’t start the blog with the intention of working towards growing followers, but it’s nice, really nice, when you see that someone has followed, liked or commented on a blog. It gives me motivation, a push I very much need to get blogging.

I have a special talent of talking myself out of everything, I can always find a reason to not do something. Blogging is no different. I put myself off writing, telling myself why bother, it’s pointless, you can’t blog often enough so don’t waste your time, my blog isn’t as good as others, you’re not social enough, the list goes on and on < that’s crazy anxiety Kirsty typing. She’s a pain in my ass. So I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you!! Thank you for spurring me on! Thank you for following me, I really do appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not active enough on here, even thought I really want to be. It’s kinda like I’m the quiet kid hiding in the corner at a party, watching everyone else having fun, desperately wanting to join in. I see other’s posting and commenting all the time and I feel crap that I don’t do it enough, I’m here though! Always watching, like some form of creepy stalker (minus the self touching).

But anyway, why am I getting so deep? Deary me!

I’m utterly over the moon that I have triple digit followers, although to be fair I was ecstatic when I had 10 followers so I’m clearly easily pleased! I can’t believe so many people took the time to read anything I write, even more, they actually follow me!

Amazing. Thank you!

I want to show you some of my favourtie blogs, I have a few! For no reason, just because ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa at cries from an unkemptgardenย – go check her blog out! Not only is her blog fascinating, telling her life story with such passion and emotion, she is also a very funny gal! With a warm and kind heart! Her blog intrigues me, so I creep around it a lot.

Mahbuttitches – You need to go check it out to fully appreciate it. Honestly, I don’t think I would do it justice. So much Goldblum. Like alot. I think she is hilarious with her writing. Absolutely love her tone and how she describes such deep mental health subjects, yet still makes you laugh through it all – without taking any purpoe away from the actual subject. See, I can’t decribe stuff for shit, go have a look!

Life in the ginger lane – A fellow Scot! Go check her beautiful blog! She has some cute reviews of books, glasses and a soft play with her little one. I really enough her writing style and clean layout – if that makes sense. I just really like her blog and look forward to her posts ๐Ÿ™‚

Esther’s blog – This lady has attitude I tell you – I hope she doesn’t verbally abuse me for this. I thought I had attitude! Love love love her raw, kinda in your face ‘I’m awesome’ writing. Makes me laugh! If your wanting a bit of spice in your dinner go have a read – particularity at her blog awards….

Messy Mommy – Tells it straight with a good dash of humour thrown in. I would highly recommend her post about gas during pregnancy, but hold your nose incase you get a whiff!

Anxious Alien – I completely admire how open and frank she writes when talking about her mental health. I know reading posts like this, for me, is a great tool in understanding and dealing with my own mental health. Despite being an alien I think she is really down to earth and well worth a creep around.

Hope you like some of my favourites ๐Ÿ™‚

Right, I need to be off now. I’m getting my acceptance speech ready for my 100 follower ball! Or the more believable story is that I’m heading out to pick up monster child from my parents.

Thank you for following!


Oh and don’t forget your prize for reading my post, it’s below. A beautiful picture of my happy 100 followers face for your own private collection. You are welcome.

I’m bringin sexy back

Bonus bonus picture – my own face makes me laugh.

how would you rate my selfie game?


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