Mid Mid-life crisis

So, I think I’m having a mid mid-life crisis. Well, I guess it could be a ‘mid-life’ crisis, considering the current life expectancy in Glasgow is 71. This year I will be 30, so maybe I am half way through life. But since I’m having a crisis here, I’ll stick to the mid mid-life crisis, I can’t handle thinking about my own mortality right now. Continue reading “Mid Mid-life crisis”

Welcome to the Relax Dome

So it turns out that your mental health can suffer if you don’t treat yourself to a spot of relaxation. Who thought eh? The best way I’v found to neglect relaxation is to have a kid, work full time and  to make sure your partner works late into the evening so that you, alone, are responsible for putting gremlin child (seriously, her mood had usually deteriorated to nothing short of a Demon by the evening) to bed, making dinner and trying to make the place look livable. Couple this with a dash of anxiety and spoonfuls (teaspoon sized, I’m getting there) of depression and you’ll be sure to send yourself into a uptight, on edge, mood swinging, self destruct numpty. Continue reading “Welcome to the Relax Dome”